Florida Hmong Community Inc. is a non-profit organization established in the state of Florida.  The organization is 100% run by volunteers.


Unify and improve the quality of life for the Hmong community in Florida.


Provide leadership and be a resource center to promote and support the welfare of the Hmong community of Florida socially, economically and culturally.



  1. Meet with individual clan leaders to discuss the importance of the community organization for everyone with respect to how the organization could support and improve everyone’s life. Additionally, encourage the community to unify under the organization and be active in its role to improve everyone’s welfare.
  2. Promote higher education for the Hmong students by recognizing their achievements with workshops, counseling, tutoring, and scholarships.
  3. Teach the Hmong about other cultural communities in Florida.
  4. Teach and organize the Hmong community to be politically active as American citizens.

Social and Economic Development Service

  1. Assist with job opportunities.
  2. Assist with language, health, and cultural translation.
  3. Assist and provide senior citizens with social activities and well being.
  4. Assist and provide youth programs and activities.
  5. Provide legal, social, and mental counseling.
  6. Develop and assist Hmong farming and other business opportunities in Florida.


  1. Preserve the richness of Hmong cultural heritage by teaching the Hmong language.
  2. Preserve the richness of Hmong cultural heritage by performing Hmong arts including costume dressing, dancing, acting, etc.
  3. Preserve the richness of Hmong cultural heritage by holding social activities such as the annual New Year celebration and other festivities.
  4. Promote cross-cultural exchange through festivities, social gatherings, and procedures.
  5. Establish and operate a Hmong cultural center.